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John Hoose has spent over 30 years researching, developing, and implementing various strategies for hunting, creating small businesses, owning profitable restaurants, the creation of a national franchise for health, wellness, and massage. Through his journey John Hoose wishes to finally share his various successes and show us the way in which his decision making skills allowed the tasks to become fruitful business development.

John Hoose has spent 30 years working and creating through a experienced process of creativity. John’s work experience lies mostly as an entrepreneur in and around the Detroit Metro area. With John Hoose’s proven ability to envision these various creative business strategies which have delivered immediate results.

The John Hoose management style is one of inclusivity so that all staff is a part of the decision making processes as opposed to being apart from. This has allowed him to become a seen as a energetic leader, strong motivator, noteworthy communicator, and one of the most exceptional innovators.

Should you wish to find out about how to become your own small business owner please contact me and I will attempt to guide you in the right direction for your small business start up needs. When thinking about your potential small business development opportunity let me know your thoughts and concerns. This way (even if we have to sign confidentiality agreements, which is not frightening to me in any way) you will have a point of reference on where to go next, how to begin your true journey into ownership, who to trust with certain parts of the process, what type of business to embark upon, when the target launch date should be, and you will be pointed in the right direction. The beginning of a small business is a crucial crossroads. There is truly no other point in time where the decisions you make in your business are begun with no thoughts or emotions that are the effect of other thoughts or emotions. Truly a blank slate, black chalkboard, blank canvas, whatever anyone says to better explain this fresh start will suffice.

When you make a decision to begin your potential business you are starting on a journey to financial and personal freedom. With any new decision there is a lot of work involved which requires time and energy. The time and energy spent are the equity you need to flourish over time. Longevity is the key to any business, and John Hoose believes that in order to obtain it there must be a solid foundation in place for the plan to succeed.

Your thoughts and feelings are the precipice for the new business. The cause of your New Business, Hunting adventure, Restaurant, or Franchising start up advice on any of these items will help you in building only the most solid footing for success as you move forward.


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Ongoing Sales Campaign’s are Essential to Increasing Revenue

Once we begin the act of the ongoing target market sales campaign, we have already identified our target market. We know that if we are selling to a business there needs to be a mailing, a follow up phone call, and eventually appointment setting.

That is for sales driven face to face business that sells anything B2B. This will deal with the RETAIL operation that is dealing with sales to PAST CUSTOMERS, PRESENT CUSTOMERS, AND FUTURE CUSTOMERS. To attract new customers a retail store must bring the client into the location. To draw the customer in there must be some sort of “curb appeal”. Not only must the facade (sign, buildings look, and decor) be attractive, but prior knowledge of some kind of incentive always helps as well.

Advertising in the local Homeowners Association newsletter, the local newspaper, Clipper Coupons, Direct Mail Pieces, and any other alternative through the Chamber of Commerce can assist. The Chamber will send out a “news blast” to all the other businesses who are members of the local Chamber of Commerce. This is a very effective tool for your business.

Online geo target marketing is effective when people are searching (using key words) for something that is sold in your RETAIL STORE. Regardless of where they are in your city, whether on a PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone your business needs to be picked up in the search results. This brings in a whole new ideology in business marketing, and there are special companies who deal with local search engine optimization for you. We know the ones we trust and use, so try to take the time tested lumps on the head we have. Believe it – costs are getting a bit over the top when we refer to the business of online web marketing. Whether you are attempting to get to the top through pay per click or through organic listings there are very few companies that can pull this stuff off. I know that our own years of spending money and hours of time researching, developing, and implementing online sales campaigns have led to this belief. We cannot make enough time in the day for us to effectively run our business as well as run the day to day SEO issues. That is why we use another company for our day to day effectiveness for SEO.

These ongoing sales campaigns are to run all the time, year round, with specials to attract different customers with different wants/needs. By focusing on a different product each month and how it will satisfy a different want or need customers will be attracted to your site/listing/advertisement.

Diligence is a key to effective and positive online web marketing. To back off and enjoy the “fruits of your labor” now is a bad decision. Always keep this decision to market your company on task – as well as online! This is how you continually get business in the door!

Happy Hunting
John Hoose


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